Version 1.5.5

  • New: MyDataMerge can now accept URLs for images and will download the files before using them in the merge process
  • Improved: Dark mode appearance of some views
  • Improved: Added note for macOS 10.14 (mojave) that saving files on desktop slows down data merge (due to a known macOS bug)
  • Fixed: Bug where process chain’s last action “Delete frame” failed for some combinations.
  • Smaller improvements

Version 1.5.3

  • Fixed: User action on some export notification dialogs was not processed correctly
  • Fixed: Crash if bad values are returned from an element
  • Fixed: Merge process gets stuck in some cases when exporting to filetype other than InDesign

Version 1.5.2

Major update

  • New: Automator support! Image files and/or database content can now be sent to an automator workflow. Modify images with your automator workflows on the fly, or trigger different workflows based on conditions defined by database. With automator workflows you have access to the whole file system of OSX. Use Photoshop or Illustrator workflows to generate or modify images. Attach your barcode software with Automator support and create barcodes on the fly. Additionally you can also send merged files (e.g. PDFs) to an automator workflow: Create E-Mails on the fly. Upload files by SFTP. Do whatever you like – with an automator workflow.
  • Improved: Memory management when merging large amount of documents
  • Improved: German translations
  • Improved: Feedback module
  • Improved: Crash reporting
  • Internal improvements
  • Fixed: Crash due to rare memory bug
  • Fixed: Crash when working with Cut & Stack style and numeric sequences
  • Fixed: Crash when a file in use was renamed some cases
  • Fixed: Crash when image filename was empty
  • Fixed: Error highlight when using search in menu > help
  • Smaller bugfixes


  • Fixed: Overset report could not be created in some cases
  • Fixed: Detect Excel button was not visible on import screen if Excel wasn’t found
  • Improved: If project file needs Excel, automation assistant can be activated directly if Excel wasn’t found
  • Internal improvements


  • Fixed: Non-latin-characters in overset text caused error 303306
  • Internal Improvements

Version 1.4.6

  • Fixed: Grep actions processing and saving/loading malfunction
  • Fixed: Grep warning within QR-Codes
  • Fixed: Default language selection for currency formatting was wrong in some countries
  • Fixed: Language selection for currency formatting wasn’t saved correctly
  • Fixed: Closing main window while tour was running did not quit tour correctly


  • Improved: Selecting custom image path for an image placeholder was removed from single element(s) and added on setup level which gives more flexibility in creating custom image locations dynamically. Former saved project files with the old settings used will notify you on load.
  • Improved: German translations
  • Fixed: Crash on selecting a data column in export > extras > record sorting in come cases
  • Fixed: Bug where a data merge without styling but with at least one image placeholder OR QR-Code was processed very slow


  • Fixed: Excel import limit overwrite flag is now loaded correctly from project file
  • Fixed: Number of records in updated Excel file is now detected correctly on project load and automatic update.
  • Fixed: Bug where the datasource element table view did not show the correct number of table rows in the preview
  • Fixed: Saving projects bug in version
  • Fixed: Rare random crashes caused due to autosave function


  • New: Faster merge of thousands of records into one file by creating a book file instead of a slower merge into one huge InDesign document (appr. 10x faster than merging into one file directly). Choose “custom records per document” and then check the book option below. Check out this article for more information:
  • New: Export merged book into one PDF
  • New: Export progress screen now contains a log (button top right) that gives you more detailed infos on the current export process. Useful e.g. to get life-signs during a large merge process when it looks like nothing is happening
  • Improved: PDF, PNG, JPEG, Interactive PDF merge
  • Imroved: Export overview now shows the number of documents (to be generated) per file type
  • Improved: German translations
  • Improved: Space at the beginning or end of a string is handled more effectively
  • Fixed: Random crashes caused from a background autosave process
  • Fixed: Crash on multiple records with expert mode enabled with different amount of placeholders and styling activated
  • Fixed: Unknown error when exporting large amount of records
  • Fixed: Apple Event timeout when exporting large amount of records
  • Fixed: Recent documents menu
  • Fixed: Printing capability for log


  • Improved: Added “Detect Excel” button in CSV only mode (to not require restart to switch to Excel)
  • Improved: Excel detection
  • Fixed: Added printing capability to allow printing log view (due to sandbox restrictions)
  • Fixed: Recent documents menu did not show entries correctly
  • Fixed: “Save as” bug with macOS 10.15.2 (Catalina)