Version 2.1.2

  • Fixed: Bug with QR-Code and small frames causing several error messages
  • New: Added option to set minimum font size for “Decrease” text resizing option in the preferences
  • Improved: German translations

Version 2.1.1

  • Fixed: Bug with empty replacements containing styling or last actions (like frame deletion)
  • Improved: Added check and warning for reserved strings

Version 2.1

  • Improved: German translations
  • Fixed: Grep replacements bug (didn’t work in some situations)
  • Fixed: Grep replacements didn’t escape special characters in some situations
  • Fixed: Grep replacements didn’t trigger post processing in some situations
  • Fixed: Escaped InDesign special characters (e. g. $0 or $1) so they merge without issues

Version 2.0.1

  • Hotfix: Crash on starting export
  • Fixed: Crash on trying import second time (if first time failed)
  • Improvement: Some error messages are more clear

Version 2.0

Important note: Support for macOS 10.12 was dropped according to Apples policy. Minimum is now 10.13.
Don’t forget that you can always roll back to a previous version in the changelog on

  • New: We listened! We added a project wizard to make onboarding a lot easier. The wizard will generate a custom tutorial for you based on your needs. You can activate the wizard from the file menu or the import screen. It requires an active internet connection
  • New: Add Dynamically generated hyperlinks (E-Mail, URL or File) to Text-, Image- or QR-Code placeholders (for export to InDesign or interactive PDF only)
  • New: QR-Code Vcard 3.0
  • New: Presets. Load complete or partial placeholder configurations as presets to other placeholders, to minify setup time
  • New: A better Autolink. You can now identify image and QR-Code placeholders by prefixing them in the layout (e. g. image placeholder <<@image>> or qrcode placeholder <<#qrcode>>) and Autolink will automatically set them up with the right type
  • Compatibility with macOS 13.0 (ventura)
  • Improvement: QR-Codes can now contain static text elements with line breaks
  • Improvement: Optimised cut and stack assistant
  • Improvement: Better onboarding for automatic activated Adobe Cloud fonts
  • Improvement: Memory Management
  • Improvement: Added a setting to the preferences > editor to disable file extension check for downloaded images
  • Fixed: An issue where data column selection wasn’t possible if only one data column was in the data source
  • Fixed: QR-Code generation leading to error 404032
  • Fixed: Unknown error when having automatic activated Adobe Cloud fonts in the layout document
  • Fixed: Special Characters in V-Card 2.1 are encoded wrong for iPhone devices by Adobe InDesign. We changed the generation of QR-Code to fix this InDesign issue
  • Fixed: QR-Code containing “#SPACE#” instead of a space character in rare cases
  • Fixed: “Individual records per documents” was deactivated in rare cases (where it shouldn’t be)
  • Fixed: Sometimes the wrong setup name was displayed in the preview panel (although the correct one was used)
  • Fixed: Removed unnecessary error messages on creating previews of QR-Codes

Version 1.8.2

  • Fixed: UI Tweak: Issue with calculation in export view (no impact on merged files)
  • Fixed: On showing the editor preview for the first time after app launch it wasn’t possible to click through the records
  • Fixed: Newline character wasn’t applied properly inside Text QR-Code for “Merge all records in one document” mode
  • Fixed: Visual glitches
  • Fixed: “Setup additional data merge tags manually” function for multiple records per document didn’t work in some cases
  • Fixed: QR-Codes in some configurations did not correctly apply custom object style if set
  • Fixed: “Optimize QR-Codes for print” now correctly creates PDF QR-Codes if disabled (didn’t work in some cases)
  • Fixed: QR-Code containing technical replacement strings like #LINEBREAK# in some cases – now correctly replaced by newline/linebreak
  • Fixed: Black QR-Codes were placed without a safe space in rare cases
  • Fixed: Preview of “Datasource entry” element showed technical replacement strings like #LINEBREAK# in some cases
  • Fixed: “Individual records per documents” option was deactivated in rare cases
  • Changed: Removed “Space (replace)” option in preferences > import > linebreak import Excel (was confusing)
  • Improved: QR-Code generation (can now contain individually placed linebreaks by static text element)
  • Improved: Translations in german
  • Updated: Internal Help files


Version 1.8.1

  • Fixed: CSV files wrong record detection for less than 40 records in free version
  • Internal improvements

Version 1.8

  • Improved: Application data protection
  • Internal improvements


  • New: Native arm64 support for M1 Macs
  • New: Compatibility with macOS 12 (Monterey)
  • Improved: Updater
  • Internal improvements

Version 1.6.16

  • Fixed: Issue where “Expert Mode” didn’t enable “layout provided” option
  • Fixed: “Allow empty” for image replacements failed with error 404032 on macOS BigSur
  • Internal improvements