Version 2.1.8

  • macOS Sonoma (14.x) compatibility
  • Fixed: Minor macOS Sonoma incompatibilities
  • Improved: Memory management

Version 2.1.6

  • Fixed: Cannot set filenames with other characters than alphanumeric (e.g. arabic) based on strong filenaming conventions introduced in version 2.1.4
  • Improved: Static filename in Export now allows non-alphanumeric character too
  • Added: Option to disable file naming convention checks in the preferences (disabling is not recommended)
  • Improved: Memory management

Version 2.1.5

  • Fixed crash on loading project file in rare cases
  • Improved memory usage

Version 2.1.4

  • Dynamic file name checking strengthened – only filenames with characters in a-z, A-Z, 0-9 or minus and underscore are allowed to increase compatibility with both windows and macOS filesystems. Activate the “sanitize for web” setting in each element added to the filename setup to automate this
  • Improved error logging for dynamic filename setups
  • Improved generation of QR-Codes depending if “Optimize QR-Codes for print” option is on or off, see description below
  • Improved error messages for QR-Codes to provide better guidance

Optimize QR-Codes for print (option turned ON)

MyDataMerge will generate QR-Codes with separation layers.


  • Supports custom foreground and background color of the QR-Code by setting the color of the textframe background and the color of the text placeholder
  • Supports a minimum frame size of 26 pixels – Note: The ability to generate smaller QR-Codes does not mean every device can scan them. Please check your QR-Codes in any case before publishing them
  • QR-Codes can be edited within InDesign (if you merge to InDesign documents)
  • Faster than generating QR-Codes as images (Screen optimized QR-Codes)


  • Some PDF Readers have issues displaying them on screen (you have to activate separation layers in your reader), but they will render nicely once printed. That’s why we recommend this option to be only used for printing.

Optimize QR-Codes for Screen (option turned OFF)

MyDataMerge will generate QR-Codes as vector based PDFs.


  • Supports custom foreground and background color of the QR-Code by setting the color of the textframe background and the color of the text placeholder
  • QR-Codes are presented nicely on screen and print
  • QR-Codes can be used outside of InDesign as they are seperately stored as PDF files


  • QR-Codes cannot be edited within InDesign (if you merge to InDesign documents)
  • Slower than generating print-optimized QR-Codes
  • Cannot go smaller than an edge length of at least 73px

Version 2.1.3

  • Hotfix: Bug with replaceable string detection in rare cases leading to output #SPACE# instead of a space character.
  • Internal improvements

Version 2.1.2

  • Fixed: Bug with QR-Code and small frames causing several error messages
  • New: Added option to set minimum font size for “Decrease” text resizing option in the preferences
  • Improved: German translations

Version 2.1.1

  • Fixed: Bug with empty replacements containing styling or last actions (like frame deletion)
  • Improved: Added check and warning for reserved strings

Version 2.1

  • Improved: German translations
  • Fixed: Grep replacements bug (didn’t work in some situations)
  • Fixed: Grep replacements didn’t escape special characters in some situations
  • Fixed: Grep replacements didn’t trigger post processing in some situations
  • Fixed: Escaped InDesign special characters (e. g. $0 or $1) so they merge without issues

Version 2.0.1

  • Hotfix: Crash on starting export
  • Fixed: Crash on trying import second time (if first time failed)
  • Improvement: Some error messages are more clear

Version 2.0

Important note: Support for macOS 10.12 was dropped according to Apples policy. Minimum is now 10.13.
Don’t forget that you can always roll back to a previous version in the changelog on

  • New: We listened! We added a project wizard to make onboarding a lot easier. The wizard will generate a custom tutorial for you based on your needs. You can activate the wizard from the file menu or the import screen. It requires an active internet connection
  • New: Add Dynamically generated hyperlinks (E-Mail, URL or File) to Text-, Image- or QR-Code placeholders (for export to InDesign or interactive PDF only)
  • New: QR-Code Vcard 3.0
  • New: Presets. Load complete or partial placeholder configurations as presets to other placeholders, to minify setup time
  • New: A better Autolink. You can now identify image and QR-Code placeholders by prefixing them in the layout (e. g. image placeholder <<@image>> or qrcode placeholder <<#qrcode>>) and Autolink will automatically set them up with the right type
  • Compatibility with macOS 13.0 (ventura)
  • Improvement: QR-Codes can now contain static text elements with line breaks
  • Improvement: Optimised cut and stack assistant
  • Improvement: Better onboarding for automatic activated Adobe Cloud fonts
  • Improvement: Memory Management
  • Improvement: Added a setting to the preferences > editor to disable file extension check for downloaded images
  • Fixed: An issue where data column selection wasn’t possible if only one data column was in the data source
  • Fixed: QR-Code generation leading to error 404032
  • Fixed: Unknown error when having automatic activated Adobe Cloud fonts in the layout document
  • Fixed: Special Characters in V-Card 2.1 are encoded wrong for iPhone devices by Adobe InDesign. We changed the generation of QR-Code to fix this InDesign issue
  • Fixed: QR-Code containing “#SPACE#” instead of a space character in rare cases
  • Fixed: “Individual records per documents” was deactivated in rare cases (where it shouldn’t be)
  • Fixed: Sometimes the wrong setup name was displayed in the preview panel (although the correct one was used)
  • Fixed: Removed unnecessary error messages on creating previews of QR-Codes