Version 1.6.8

  • Fixed: Multiple records per page issue throwing error 404805
  • Fixed: Bug on data merge when multiple placeholders exist in the same text frame and one pushes another into overset text while merging
  • Fixed: Developers menu was visible (functions lead to crashes – do not use)
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements


  • Fixed: In some configurations InDesign® document was shown on merging (which lowers speed)
  • Fixed: Rare crash when project is going to be closed
  • Fixed: Crash on export when using data filters for specific range and implemented custom script element
  • Fixed: Bug where “$” in datasource leaded to unwanted outputs
  • Internal improvements

Version 1.6.7

  • Fixed: Issue where quotation marks weren’t escaped properly when style option was active (Leading to output of pipe symbol “|”)
  • Fixed: Issue on activating device when device name contains specific characters
  • Improvement: Automatic column detection in Microsoft Excel
  • Improved: Minor UI improvements
  • Internal improvements


  • Info: Manage your devices is now possible in your online account
  • Fixed: Issue when placeholder names are specific numbers interfering with InDesigns GREP
  • Fixed: “License key already in use on this machine.”
  • Fixed: Preferences “Auto update layout/data” checkboxes fixed
  • Fixed: Activation issues
  • Improved: Compatibility for macOS Big Sur
  • Improved: Automatic device management
  • Improved: Shortcut to online-account in menu
  • Improved: Translations
  • Internal improvements

Version 1.6.4

  • Fixed: Last action “Delete frame” caused error 404032 in some situations (“An internal error appeared”)
  • Fixed: Styling option “Fit text to frame” caused error 404407 in some situations (“Could not resize Text in one or more frames”)
  • Improved: Translations
  • Internal improvements

Version 1.6.3

  • Fixed: Rare issue with new merge system when last action in process chain was selected
  • Stability improvements

Version 1.6.2

  • Hotfix: Reloading files caused a crash in some cases

Version 1.6.1

Major update

  • New: Styling on steroids! Data merge processing code has been completely refactored and data merge with styling applied is now up to three times faster (may vary slightly depending on the setup)
  • New: QR-Codes on steroids. Speeded up QR-Code generation!
  • New: Sort placeholders like in your datasource or alphabetically, both ascending or descending
  • New: Added timer for export – if you allow notifications you will now see how long an export did take
  • New: Removed “Analytics” completely – even for free version
  • New: Added option on export progress screen to toggle window floating (“Keep window above others”)
  • Changed – Free version only – Number of free data records is now 40 (due to removing analytics) and the number of free placeholders is 4
  • Improved: Overset report was too complex to read. Improved readability by only showing file(s) and page(s) containing overset text
  • Improved: Removed preferences option “Separation layer QR-Code”. MyDataMerge will now automatically select best mode
  • Improved: QR-Codes now support semicolon and colon as content characters (we now bypass a difficult limitation on Adobe®’s side)
  • Improved: Removed preferences option “Remove line”. Use a process chain and the “last action” instead (more flexible)
  • Improved: Export speed calculation now considers new data merge process
  • Improved: Log error messages, now allows more detailed jumping to the right location
  • Improved: Translations
  • Fixed: Export speed calculation includes attached automator workflow(s)
  • Fixed: Placeholders beginning or ending with space character are now detected properly (as they might lead to issues)
  • Fixed: Automator workflow on export – was executed twice for non-InDesign documents if “Keep InDesign” was turned off
  • Fixed: Automator workflow on export – InDesign and book files will now be post processed correctly if selected
  • Fixed: QR-Code content with space at beginning or end leaded to “#SPACE#” text in generated QR-Code
  • Fixed: QR-Code generation bug when a color was picked without saving it in the color palette
  • Fixed: QR-Code generation by separation layers bug when default rectangle has a border
  • Fixed: QR-Code error “MyDataMerge couldn’t transform a text frame into a QR-Code frame” in some cases
  • Fixed: QR-Code style bug when only fore- or background color was set in object Style
  • Fixed: QR-Code with URL showed error if colon is used
  • Fixed: Log link leaded to wrong destination
  • Fixed: Custom image align and fitting option did not work correctly
  • Fixed: Showing wrong message in some cases that “MyDataMerge couldn’t close its working files …”
  • Fixed: Showing wrong “file corrupt” message when trying to load project file a second time
  • Fixed: Image alignment and fitting options are not selectable for QR-Code anymore as QR-Codes are always placed centered in the given frame
  • Fixed: Using “Keep empty” on a text placeholder resulted in a notification message that stopped the data merge process in some cases
  • Fixed: Used setup now shows correctly on placeholder list
  • Fixed: Bug where “Loading” was visible when returning to splash screen in some cases
  • Fixed: Bug when trying to open project file on another machine caused “invalid file” message (due to macOS sandbox restrictions)
  • Fixed: Bug when trying to open project file on another machine and complete setup was not loaded (due to macOS sandbox restrictions)
  • Fixed: Bug when applied styling to a specific record and all unstyled records after that appeared styled too
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes

Version 1.5.5

  • New: MyDataMerge can now accept URLs for images and will download the files before using them in the merge process
  • Improved: Dark mode appearance of some views
  • Improved: Added note for macOS 10.14 (mojave) that saving files on desktop slows down data merge (due to a known macOS bug)
  • Fixed: Bug where process chain’s last action “Delete frame” failed for some combinations.
  • Smaller improvements

Version 1.5.3

  • Fixed: User action on some export notification dialogs was not processed correctly
  • Fixed: Crash if bad values are returned from an element
  • Fixed: Merge process gets stuck in some cases when exporting to filetype other than InDesign