Version 0.85.3
  • Fixed: Image path selection bug
  • Fixed: Stuck while placing images
Version 0.85.2
  • Improved: Links in MySerializer to specific parts of documentation
  • Improved: Method of handling Adobe InDesign documents in generation process
  • Improved: Speed when generating PDFs without Automator workflow
  • Improved: Added versioning to MySerializer Presets to avoid future conflicts
  • Improved: Error reporting
  • New: Option to use/skip first data row in the settings
  • New: Reveal the source layout/data file in the Finder with the click of a button
  • New: Option to change the data sheet of your Excel data in runtime
  • Changed: Fixed Window position for settings (Quick solution for jumping windows)
  • Changed: Double clicking a column for PDF name doesn’t add space anymore
  • Fixed: Image Sourcepath set wrong when loaded preset
  • Fixed: Adressing some Microsoft Excel versions failed (@Colin Flashman)
  • Fixed: Re-open dialog popup in some Microsoft Excel versions
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes and typos
  • Fixed: Naming issues with PDFs
  • Fixed: Keep used fonts of Layout
  • Fixed: Several issues with versioning of Excel and OSX
  • Fixed: Receiver for Workflows
  • Fixed: Vissual issue when switching to the “import” tab in the settings
  • Fixed: Loading preset with CSV didn’t enable the separator option
  • Fixed: Setting an Excel startrow higher than data available
  • Fixed: Wrong numbering at PDF duplicates
  • Fixed: Selecting Excel Sheet bug
  • Fixed: Error message when Adobe InDesign was not found
Version 0.85
  • NEW: Save your setup as MySerializer preset (.mysp)
  • NEW: Create Packages with all of your corresponding files (data source, layout document, attachments …)
  • NEW: CSV support
  • NEW: OSX Yosemite (10.10) support
  • NEW: Adobe InDesign® CC support
  • NEW: Embed your own Automator workflows for images and pdfs
  • NEW: Sequence/random number/string generator
  • NEW: Added Alt(ernative) placeholder settings for PDF name and mail settings
  • NEW: Option to remove linebreaks after empty replacements (e.g. for second address line which is not used)
  • NEW: Options for CSV import and Automator in the settings
  • IMPROVEMENT: Images are searched in the data source folder first
  • IMPROVEMENT: Interface improvements
  • IMPROVEMENT: Reduced log messages by grouping them
  • IMPROVEMENT: Speed up sending debug report
  • IMPROVEMENT: Seperated document checking speeded up
  • IMPROVEMENT: New Hints and improvements when generating emails
  • IMPROVEMENT: Package-included documentation
  • FIXED: Bug occuring when documents are named with chinese fonts
  • FIXED: Scanning alternative values now accepts the “ignore cells” setting
  • FIXED: Bug occuring when modal windows get opened by user while MySerializer is working
  • FIXED: Bug occuring when source documents get moved while MySerializer is working
Version 0.84
  • NEW: Massive Speed improvements
  • NEW: Interface improvements
  • NEW: Support for single frames and multiple records
  • FIXED: Minor bugs
  • NEW: You choose how to generate your InDesign documents: All in one? Single documents? All possible now!
Version 0.832
  • NEW: Better structured settings
  • NEW: Startup tour to learn the basic functions easy
  • FIXED: Several bugs
Version 0.831
  • NEW: Scanning Adobe® Indesign® document for missing links and missing fonts
  • FIXED: Image positioning bug
Version 0.83
  • NEW: Option to Auto-open Apps
  • FIXED: Several Bugs
Version 0.82
  • IMPROVEMENT: Speed on startup
  • NEW: Option to Autohide Apps
  • FIXED: Several Bugs
Version 0.81
  • NEW: Option to keep the generated InDesign Document when in PDF Mode
  • NEW: Reload your Excel while in Wildcard editor
Version 0.80
  • NEW: Guided tour on first start
  • NEW: Reload your Excel while in Wildcard editor
  • FIXED: Several Bugs