Can MyDataMerge insert data on two-page documents (front and back of a letter)?

Yes! MyDataMerge can handle multi page documents for single records and multiple records per page.

Example (single records):

2 page document with data on the front and back: MyDataMerge will create a letter with two pages for each data record. Data will be placed on front and back side each where you position placeholders. E.g. address on first page and something else on back side – as long as the data is from the same data record.

Example (multiple records):

2 page document with 8 business cards on the first page and the corresponding back sides mirrored on the second page. Check the video here.



Can i fit text to frame so that overset text becomes visible again?

Yes, you can! MyDataMerge has “fit text to frame” integrated as styling option. Additionally we have a “decrease only” option so text that is too long is rendered smaller to fit in the frame – but text that is smaller than the frame (already fits) is not rendered larger.

Can i create specific conditions based on the next record?

Yes, you can! Although this is for advanced users, with MyDataMerges custom script feature you can modify the output as you like. You have access to the whole database and we offer some useful methods e.g. to look on the record ahead or before.

Can i filter the database? I only need specific data records.

Yes, you can! MyDataMerge allows filtering your whole datasource by lots of easy to configure rules. Filtering will not change the datasource itself, just the data passed to the data merge process will be filtered.

Can i sort the data records by a specific field?

Yes, you can! MyDataMerge lets you sort your database alphabetically ascending or descending by a selectable data column.

Can i remove double white spaces in generated documents?

Yes, you can! With MyDataMerge Grep text actions you have access to the full Grep search/replace feature of InDesign within the merge process. Removing double white spaces is just scratching the surface of all possibilities.

Can i use a predefined layout with multiple instances for multipe records per page merge?

Yes, you can! You can use MyDataMerge with standard multiple records merge like InDesign does or you can provide your own layout with multiple instances of e.g. a business card. Best thing about that technic: MyDataMerge allows multi-page layouts – so for the above example you could also merge rear sides easily!

Check out this video:

Can i change databases for an existing project?

Yes, you can! Once a project is set up, just save it as project file. You can change layout and data source at any time – just take care that placeholders and data titles match to keep the setups of those. This way you can use a repeating project again and again, always with new data from your client.

Can i create colored QR-Codes with content of my clients database?

Yes you can! Data merging colored QR-Codes in InDesign was never easier. Select colors of your QR-Code by coloring the placeholder and define the content by clicking your configuration in the comfortable editor.

Check this video:

Can i build an image gallery?

Yes you can. All you need is all of your images in a database (as filenames or pathes) – MyDataMerge offers multiple options to adjust the filePath in the Datasource element settings of type “Replace with image”. Then you can predefine a layout with multiple instances (Multiple records per page: Layout provided) and merge all of your images. You can in addition also do an inline merge, so all of your images are merged inside one frame so you can profit of story flowing around other content.

Note: In a future update we will add the function to drop a folder of images instead of a database to make that even more easier.