Can i change databases for an existing project?

Yes, you can! Once a project is set up, just save it as project file. You can change layout and data source at any time – just take care that placeholders and data titles match to keep the setups of those. This way you can use a repeating project again and again, always with new data from your client.

Can i create colored QR-Codes with content of my clients database?

Yes you can! Data merging colored QR-Codes in InDesign was never easier. Select colors of your QR-Code by coloring the placeholder and define the content by clicking your configuration in the comfortable editor.

Check this video:

Can i build an image gallery?

Yes you can. All you need is all of your images in a database (as filenames or pathes) – MyDataMerge offers multiple options to adjust the filePath in the Datasource element settings of type “Replace with image”. Then you can predefine a layout with multiple instances (Multiple records per page: Layout provided) and merge all of your images. You can in addition also do an inline merge, so all of your images are merged inside one frame so you can profit of story flowing around other content.

Note: In a future update we will add the function to drop a folder of images instead of a database to make that even more easier.

Can i adjust font size for specific data records?

Yes you can! You can apply character styles to data merged content or to whole paragraphs (controllable with conditions) OR you can let MyDataMerge adjust the font size of a whole story automatically to fit into text frames (fit text to frames).

Can i individually name my files from the database?

Of course you can! MyDataMerge let’s you build individual filenames with content from your database, customizeable sequences, static text or even (for advanced users) lets you define it by a custom javascript. You can also modify a configured filename by a custom trigger – let’s say specific data records need other names. Easy – with MyDataMerge.

Can i keep linebreaks from my Excel document?

Yes you can! MyDataMerge can merge them as Adobe® InDesign® soft linbreak, as regular linebreak or remove them. As you wish!

Can i apply different styles to a frame?

Yes you can! With MyDataMerge, you have full access to all of your object, paragraph and character styles from your layout document. MyDataMerge lets you comfortably apply them to your merge content – no matter if applying them to words, paragraphs or whole frames. You can apply them by setting up conditions – without any programming knowledge required.