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Access the process chain by pressing the icon in the editor.
Learn more about when you should use process chain here.

1. Toggle process chain

With this switch you can turn the process chain mode on and off.

2. Unused setups + 3. Process setups

All of your setups for the currently selected replacement type can be found in these two lists. You can drag and drop them from one to the other list.
The list on the left side is just to „park“ unused setups. They do not have any effect on the export. You can delete all setups in the left list by clicking the „clear“ button below. The list on the right side contain the setups to process on export. The process order is from top top, so the first setup gets processed first.

When should i use process chain mode?
Use process chain mode if you need to have different behaviors or different content for different data. Or use it to catch missing fields and place alternative content. Or use it to apply a style to specific content.

You have a datasource where some data fields of kind „Last name“ are missing. The process chain in the above example handles this scenario. It contains 2 setups:
1. „No last name“ with a condition (indicated by the icon  on the right side of the name)
2. Standard

Setup „No last name“has a condition set, so it is only processed if data field „Last name“ of the currently processed data record is empty.
If the data field „Last name“ is not empty, the condition doesn’t trigger and MyDataMerge continues to the next setup named „Standard“.
If the „Standard“ setup fails with an error and there is no other setup to process, MyDataMerge will throw an error message or – if set – proceed with the …

4. Action if last setup fails

You can select an action to be executed once the last setup in the process list fails. The available choices depend on the selected replacement type:

Replace with text:

  • Log an error (Default)
  • Delete line with placeholder – will delete the whole line with the placeholder including every other text in that line
  • Delete placeholder – will remove only the placeholder
  • Delete frame with placeholder – will delete the whole frame with the placeholder including every content of that frame

Replace with Image / QR-Code:

  • Log an error (Default)
  • Delete frame with placeholder – will delete the whole frame with the placeholder including every content of that frame


A process chain needs to be valid to be ready for export. It turns green once all setups inside are valid and red if one or more are not.