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Expert mode

The expert mode extends the possibilities on a multiple records per page layout.
You can activate the expert mode in the settings of Multiple records per page (layout provided) option in export > multiple records tab (gear icon).


Applicable situations

• You have a layout document with one or more pages, multiple records per page/spread that are not ordered/grouped in equal sets.


Comparing standard mode with expert mode

Standard mode needs equal sets of data – in the below example we have 8x the exact same copy of a business card (8 sets):


Expert mode has more flexibility. Instead of required set-copies you can add custom placeholders OUTSIDE of a copy.
In the below example we removed one copy and added an Index with the first and last name of the 7 business cards on the page [1].

Without expert mode turned on, the multiple records per page (layout provided) option would be unavailable.


Important note:

Expert mode allows more freedom, but it also requires more attention in the setup. Be aware that detection of setup mistakes is reduced to allow more flexibility.

Setup mistake example:

In the above example you have 7 business cards and 7 index names in the top right corner [1] . If you would have accidentally added 8 index names but only 7 business cards, MyDataMerge would merge the seven business cards with records 1-7 and the eight index names with records 1-8. The new page would continue with record 9 then and there wouldn’t be a business card for record 8. Be aware to count the amount of placeholders you use in an expert mode setup like this .

This behaviour CAN be wanted, you just need to be aware of it.