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Generate Layout

Note: This feature uses  standard behaviour when handling multiple records per page. It still has limitations and some recorded bugs (on Adobe®’s side). We recommend using multiple merge with existing layout.

Applicable situations

  • You have a layout document with one page.
  • You have elements on your page to be repeated automatically.

Setup your document

  • Make sure you only have one page in your document, spreads turned off.
  • Prepare your layout with every placeholder you need and move it to where you need it – leave enough room for the duplicates to be generated.

Note: Every element on the page will be duplicated – make sure to remove anything else from the page (put it on the master page for example).

Don’t forget to have a look on our recommended best practices.
Then save and import your layout.

Depending on what kind of data you want to merge, please read these replacement type guides:

To define the layout grid, please use the options in the preferences > export > multiple records (layout generate only)