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Import layout

1. Import your layout file

You can simply import your layout (*.indd file) by drag and drop it on the .indd area. As alternative you can also click the folder icon and select an .indd file from the Finder.


MyDataMerge supports Adobe® Indesign®  CC beginning from 2015.

Replace layout

If you already have imported a layout file and want to replace it with another layout file while keeping your setup, you can just drop the new file on the .indd area.

Note: MyDataMerge will compare the placeholders in the setup with those in the layout document. New placeholders will be added, placeholders that don’t exist in the layout file anymore will be removed. Replacing your layout file might change some export options.

IDML files

Please note that .idml files are NOT supported. Just save them as .indd file before importing it in MyDataMerge.