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Preparing data

Each data file contains data rows and data columns.

  • Data columns contain the type of a data e.g. every „first name“ of the datasource
  • Data rows contain data records containing one element of every type („first name“, „last name“ and so on)

Example (Microsoft® Excel®)

Example (CSV, separated by semicolon – learn more about CSV separators)

1. Data titles

The first row of your datasource has to contain data titles. In the above example that’s „First Name“, „Last Name“ and so on. Data titles are used within MyDataMerge to identify data columns. The first row is always expected to contain data titles and therefore never will be used for export.

2. Data content

Row 2 and higher will be used for export and contains your data.

Formatting data content

Please follow the best practices to learn how to format your data properly.