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Replace with QR-Code

This type will fill your placeholder with a QR-Code. This type is only available if your placeholder matches the requirements.
Once you selected it in the editor, you can add a QR-Code element to the setup.


  • The placeholder must be placed in a single text frame (not linked with any other)
  • The placeholder text including tags (<<>>) must be the onliest content of the text frame (beware of blanks)
  • The text frame must be a square (same height and width)

Coloring QR-Codes

To color your QR-Codes, you just need to color your text frame and the text color. The text frame’s color will be the background color of the QR-Code, the text color will result in the QR-Codes color itself.

Black QR-Codes

Black QR-Codes on transparent background are automatically created within Adobe® InDesign®.

Colored QR-Codes using single files

MyDataMerge can create PDF files of QR-Codes and link them inside the document. To activate this option go to preferences > export and turn „Enable fast separation export“ off.
Use this options if you need to create documents for online usage (such as screen PDFs). For print productions you can choose the fast separation export.

Colored QR-Codes using fast separation export

Fast separation export will create black QR-Codes in Adobe® InDesign®  and add different layers with specific settings for each QR-Code using „overprint“ technics to achieve the desired colors. Use this option if you need to create documents for print productions – it’s a lot faster than creating single QR-Code files. To activate this option go to preferences > export and turn „Enable fast separation export“ on.
To check the QR-Codes in the created documents, you need to enable the „output preview“/„overprint preview“ either in Adobe® InDesign® (if you have created .indd files) or in Adobe® Acrobat® (if you have created .pdf files).
Note: This option requires you to set a background color for your QR-Code text frame – transparent is not allowed.

Supported color modes

  • RGB
  • CMYK
  • Spot colors