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    169.99 $
    per year

    • [x] Adobe Indesign® CC 2017 (or higher)
    • [x] OSX 10.13 (High Sierra) (or higher)
    • [ ] Optional Microsoft Excel® 2016 (or higher) (if you want to import Excel® files)

    MyDataMerge is the missing interface for every Indesign® data merge user on Mac OSX (only) – user friendly and fast. Set up data merges in seconds from your Excel® or CSV files. Create QR-Codes on the fly, style merged content, export to custom named files in several formats and more.
    Find a full feature list here



System requirements: macOS 10.13+
Software requirements: Adobe Indesign® CC 2017+ (12.0), Microsoft Excel® 2016+ (15.11) (optional – only required to import Excel® files)
Features: For full feature list click here

Why do we only offer subscription model?

We continuously add new features to MyDataMerge – making it the most easiest to use data merge software for Adobe InDesign®. You can always checkout our current roadmap (where the journey leads to) and you can influence this path by suggesting features in our forum. Having an active and fast customer support is also part of a fluent experience we want to provide continuously to our customers.

And last but not least: Adobe InDesign® changes and evolves. Mac OSX changes and evolves. We need to ensure that the software works with all supported versions at any time.

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