Yes that should work. This solution assumes that you know the basiscs in MyDataMerge – like preparing your layout and importing it to MyDataMerge.

  • Import your layout and datasource

For the placeholder that should take the description, do the following:

  • Open the editor
  • Activate the generation chain. (chain icon).
  • Add a new setup called “Toronto” (name doesnt matter, its just to keep it clear)
  • In the generation chain box, move the “Initial setup” to the left so there is only the “Toronto” Setup in the processing table
  • Add a datasource element to “Toronto” setup and select the “Description” colum

By now this will put out EVERY description. To trigger it only for “Toronto”, open the conditions (next to the chain icon) and do the following: Setup a condition with parameters:

  • “All of the following are true”
  • “City”is “Toronto”

Then this setup will be only triggered if that condition matches.

But now this will only work for “Toronto”. We do not have a standard setup. Therfore, go back in the generation chain and pull “Initial setup back on the right, BELOW “Toronto”.

This way – if “Toronto” is not triggered, it will continue with the initial setup. Add some content to the “Initial setup” and test it.

Official MyDataMerge Team