Hi J4d,

yes thats possible :)

  1. Prepare your layout as needed and wrap data to merge in << and >>, like <<First name>>
  2. Import it to MyDataMerge and import your layout
  3. Connect the placeholders with your datasource (<<First name>>, … If they match the titles in your data source you can use the “Auto Link” feature to connect them automatically)
  4. Once your setup is valid (green marker), go to the export section > filetype, select PDF as filetype and a preset in the dropdown
  5. Choose “One record per document”, then the filename configuration button will be shown. Deselect “Keep InDesign document” (unless you also want InDesign documents to be created)
  6. Click on the filename configuration, select PDF and activate it
  7. Then add elements as you like, to get the result above the elements would be:
  8. Sequence (arithmetic), set “001” as start and “1” as step
  9. Datasource element > select the “Last name” column
  10. Static text > enter “-invitation”
  11. Export as many records as you like.

Did you know you can sort your records? In the export section > extras > record filter you can define to sort your database alphabetically.

Tell us if it worked for you

Official MyDataMerge Team