We identified the issue with the Tour appearing – but this one is on Apple’s side so we need to find a workaround. It’s fixed with later OS versions automatically but we’ll find a solution for your OS in time also.

In the meantime – did you completely restart the machine – and did it happen then also?

Edit: Did you copy the app to the applications folder and run it from there? Do not run it from inside the DMG archive or from the desktop. Sandboxed apps only get access to parts of the filesystem when running it from the applications folder.

Edit 2: Please check if a specific file exists by following this tutorial

  1. Open a finder window and in the left sidebar get your username (the one next to the house icon)
  2. In the same finder window press CMD + SHIFT + G to open the “go to” dialog
  3. Copy the following path into that dialog and replace [username] with your username from point 1, then press enter
  4. This will take you to MyDataMerges preferences. Check if a file called “com.toolboxcode.mydatamerge.plist” exists.

Official MyDataMerge Team