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    Is it possible for a cell/column to be imported into InDesign that contains two types of font (used because of a different language – a Greek Polytonic font) with InDesign recognising the changes in font? The position of the words which contain different the two types of font varies from cell to cell, so I can’t set my InDesign template up to anticipate the change.




    Hi Neilads and welcome to the forum. Sorry for the delay – we’ve had technical issues and the notification about your topic got lost, we apologize.

    MyDataMerge imports just content from Excel or CSV – no formatting.

    But formatting can be applied to InDesign:

    Do you have the possibility to split the text with the 2 fonts in two columns in Excel?

    Col A: Text with font 1

    Col B: Text with font 2

    Then we have a solution directly.

    Another solution will come up with one of the next sub versions. We’re currently working on a big automation update where -in your case- you can run custom InDesign Scripts after the merge that can do the job.

    Official MyDataMerge Team


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    Official MyDataMerge Team

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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