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    James B

    Hey all,

    Doesn’t appear to be search functionality so I couldn’t search.


    For some reason I’m getting:


    MyDataMerge couldn’t connect placeholders with datafields.
    <span class=”errorcode”>[Error code 404301]</span>


    Any ideas?



    James B

    I thought simply putting << and >> around text in InDesign would make it a ‘placeholder’ for data.

    Apparently this isn’t so?  I had to manually insert placeholders from a linked .csv..

    Is there another way?


    Hi there


    And welcome aboard. No worries – we’ll solve this.

    It is enough to put tags around your placeholders

    Sometext <<myplaceholder>> othertext

    Please remove any connected data sources connected to your indesign layout file completely.

    Also make sure that the document doesn’t show up any modal window on opening it manually (like missing fonts).

    Then simply drag and drop it into MyDataMerge.

    If this doesn’t help please let me know.

    Official MyDataMerge Team

    James B


    MR Per Page (Generate layout) is greyed out.  Any ideas why?

    I can get ‘layout provided’ to work but this results in wasting ink for my use case.

    What reasons could there be for MR per page generate layout to be greyed out?  It’s a 1 page document with facing pages turned off.





    Hi James,

    Generate layout will work if the following criteria are met:

    But we recommend using the Layout provided feature as it gives you more control and enables multiple other options. Follow the “Working with groups” tutorial on this page – then this option becomes available.

    If none of that works for you, send us your layout file to, include a link to this ticket and we will figure it out for you.


    Official MyDataMerge Team

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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