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    angele ligthart


    This is Angele from Action, Action is an low price store and is vested in 7 countrys, almost 8!

    We would like to use de datamerge tool to create display cards from an xlsx file to oure Indesign template.

    Can you help me with this? I cant upload a picture but it says:

    One or more placeholders are invalid. Placeholders must be visible and may not exist in overset text.
    Please check your layout document if a placeholder is part of overset text and make it visible. Then try again.
    How can i solve this? is it possible to walk me trough this process?

    Hi Angele

    and welcome to the support forum.

    Of course can i help you with this. The error message you’re describing tells us that a placeholder is not visible in a text frame.
    A placeholder is basically something like this “<<First name>>” in your layout document where you want to place data. These placeholders are detected by MyDataMerge when you import the layout.

    Sometimes placeholders are hidden in a text frames overset text (red plus at the bottom right of a text frame). Then MyDataMerge cannot detect placeholders and will throw this message.

    Could you please check your layout document if you have overset text somewhere? Here is a good small tutorial on how to find overset text fast.

    Official MyDataMerge Team


    Closed due to no response.

    Official MyDataMerge Team

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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