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    The Next Wave

    This is driving me crazy.

    Spreadsheet has 2 columns. Name- ie “John”- no problem inserting.

    Second column is “status” and has either “naughty” or “nice” in it.

    This inserts in two different text boxes on the layout- with different styling- this works.

    What I want, is a Red X in a font to appear underneath entries with “naughty” or- if they are “nice” a green checkmark from the font Zapf Dingbats.

    I created a text replacement for a text box- trying to use a different paragraph style for the box- one for X, one for Checkmark – with a different paragraph style.

    It doesn’t like Zapf Dingbats.  Suggestions on how to do this? Job was supposed to go to the printer this morning.


    Hi the next Wave

    If you are in a hurry could you

    1. Create a data file with 2-3 records of dummy data
    2. Package your project (MyDataMerge  Menu file > package) and include all fonts and stuff and send that over to, referencing this post

    We guarantee deleting everything after providing help.

    Then we’ll have a look asap. Please note- we’re located in Germany thus our service is online from 8am GMT+1


    Official MyDataMerge Team

    The Next Wave

    I was here until midnight last night.

    Finally solved it by create png images of the X and the checkmark- and inserting them as images.

    Wasn’t able to figure out an easy way to do a condition- if status=naughty insert pic X if status=nice insert pic Checkmark

    Instead- put the image link on every line in the spreadsheet.

    Your online “manual” has too many links in it- need case studies- with step by steps. Video isn’t always the answer, although they are helpful.


    It’s done and at the printer. Thank you for your quick offer of support.


    Hi there

    Glad you solved it. Still let me tell you how to do the condition thing with the image. It’s a long read but fast done.

    1. Enter the placeholder editor for the image.
    2. Select “Replace with image”
    3. Activate the process chain (chain icon) > then click the enable switch
    4. You will probably have one setup in the right list. We will ignore this one.
    5. Close the popup and press the plus next to the dropdown to add a setup and name it “Naughty”
    6. Assuming your naughty image is always the same add a static text element by clicking the centered plus icon. Enter the name of the image e.g. naughty.jpg
    7. Once that element turns valid (green dot) you can access its settings (gear icon). Choose the folder where both images are located.
    8. Open up the process chain again and move the unneeded setup to the left so you only have naughty on the right.
    9. At this time you can see a preview of the naughty image (you might need to grant access) for every record. So let’s change that.
    10. Open the conditions (next to process chain) and set the condition when you want to see the naughty image.
    11. Click through the preview to test.
    12. Then add another setup named “nice” but check “duplicate” checkbox.
    13. Then you only need to change static text element to “nice.jpg” and adjust the condition.

    If you still send us example data we can help you with a solution without images.


    Official MyDataMerge Team

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