Major update. Please read carefully

A new activation technology was implemented. Customers need to re-enter their credentials – with this update they can look them up within their account on

  • New: Trial period removed. MyDataMerge is now free for small projects. To remove limitations, you need a licence key.
  • New: Export to JPEG
  • New: Export to PNG
  • New: Search placeholders in placeholder list
  • New: “Replace with text” and “Keep empty” placeholders can now apply object styles
  • New: Added “Expert mode” to multiple records per page (layout provided)
  • Improved: Feedback module
  • Improved: Crash reporting
  • Improved: Data protection regarding GDPR
  • Improved: Export multiple records per page (layout provided/generate), moved some options into saved project instead of global preferences
  • Fixed: Some rare compatibility issues with OSX 10.15 Catalina
  • Fixed: Multiple records per page (generate) – Row/Column switch didn’t work correctly
  • Fixed: Crash when updating a file with a setup error caused a crash
  • Fixed: Crash when a file in use was moved or deleted in some cases
  • Fixed: Crash when a file in use was renamed some cases
  • Fixed: Adding a space after or space before (by element settings) in a custom filename resulted in word “space” in filename
  • Fixed: Bug when applying special combination of styles
  • Fixed: Bug happening when updated InDesign document contains links with status of “missing” or “outdated”
  • Fixed: Bug when updated InDesign document contains fonts with status of “missing”
  • Fixed: Multiple merge (layout provided) behaviour where option was disabled but manual tag adding was enabled
  • Fixed: Changing object style for QR-Code showing wrong color in preview
  • Fixed: Bug when removing placeholder duplicates on loaded project
  • Improved: Memory management
  • Smaller Bugfixes