Version 1.5.2

Major update

  • New: Automator support! Image files and/or database content can now be sent to an automator workflow. Modify images with your automator workflows on the fly, or trigger different workflows based on conditions defined by database. With automator workflows you have access to the whole file system of OSX. Use Photoshop or Illustrator workflows to generate or modify images. Attach your barcode software with Automator support and create barcodes on the fly. Additionally you can also send merged files (e.g. PDFs) to an automator workflow: Create E-Mails on the fly. Upload files by SFTP. Do whatever you like – with an automator workflow.
  • Improved: Memory management when merging large amount of documents
  • Improved: German translations
  • Improved: Feedback module
  • Improved: Crash reporting
  • Internal improvements
  • Fixed: Crash due to rare memory bug
  • Fixed: Crash when working with Cut & Stack style and numeric sequences
  • Fixed: Crash when a file in use was renamed some cases
  • Fixed: Crash when image filename was empty
  • Fixed: Error highlight when using search in menu > help
  • Smaller bugfixes